Retail Simplified

with social distancing

As the country reopens amid COVID-19, businesses will need to adapt new social distancing protocols. Providing a safe environment for your customers and staff is made simple, with QSimple. Our queue management system eliminates long lines, crowds in waiting areas, and creates a safe public environment by assigning customers a spot in a virtual waiting room.


The Customer Experience

1. Joining the Queue

Customers can call/text your store number or scan a QR code to get added to the queue, all from the comfort of their car. Long lines and busy waiting rooms are a thing of the past.

2. Queue Tracker

Keep your customers in the know by providing a real-time queue tracker. Customers can track their status, estimated wait time, receive promotional sales, and more with QSimple.

3. Status Notifications

QSimple will notify your customers when it's their turn to come in and sends a ticket number that can be presented to your employees for verification.

Key Benefits


Know who is coming to your business and set the right expectations.


Manage workflows and traffic while maintaining business capacity.


Improve customer experience with simple queue management.

Appointment Reminders

QSimple's appointment reminders will allow customers to work in tandem with your staff. Customers can notify your staff of their arrival so that you can better manage the flow of foot traffic and when it's their time to be seen, the customer will be notified to come in for their appointment.

Enhanced Management

QSimple keeps social distancing guidelines at the forefront. Provide a safe and seamless experience to your customers and staff.

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